The #1 Container and Virtual Server Hosting Platform in Indonesia

Simple Pricing, Locally Hosted, Zero Complexity.

Insanely easy to use

Setup, run, and manage your application instances either through our intuitive web console or use standard Docker command line tools

Migrations into CloudInovasi are a breeze with S3 compliant storage, and full API access to manage your environment.

Simple Pricing

Linear pricing based on capacity requested, no horrible network egress charges or other variables; totally predicatable monthly invoices.

Ridiculously Fast, Fully Secured

Our servers run on Intel Xeon CPUs and data is served from SSD storage.

We do not over-commit our resources, so if you ask for a CPU, thats what you get (not a fraction of a CPU).

All servers have access to our 10Gbps connection to OpenIXP for high speed, low latency domestic Internet; and access to our 50Mbps international connection for reliable international Internet.

Internet traffic is protected with Fortinet Firewalls, which include anti DDoS.

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