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Managing the Cloud environment is not difficult, but with the threat of data loss, down time and slowing down the overall business process, the risks that must be borne by the company grow along with the increasing data that must be processed.

Trusted Resource

Service manage service provided by CloudInovasi is supported by cloud experts who have experienced more than a decade. CloudInoavasi provides proactive reporting and monitoring with cloud-based security services, cloud computing, cloud storage, network operations and relationships with third-party software vendors.

Save Cost

By using manage service, the costs incurred by the company for data management are measurable and clear. There are no costs for repairing damaged devices, training IT employees, and other incidental costs. The latest cloud platform technology is always updated from our side.

Customized Services

CloudInovasi committed to giving the best. From private cloud management to hybrid cloud to on-site data center management and cloud consultant placement at customer data center locations, the CloudInovasi expert team will provide the best consulting solutions. Screen reader support enabled.


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